Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Podcast Love

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I am a little bit obsessed with podcasts.

In a world where narrowcasting is becoming the mode, I love the availability, flexibility and adaptability of the podcast. Doing chores? Commuting? It's lovely to listen to interesting voices on command, so I thought I'd list out my favourite ones which are all searchable in iTunes (in no particular order) and would love to hear yours.

Enough Rope
- I love the way Andrew Denton interviews people - they seem to open up to him in ways they might not otherwise. A good cross-section of interviewees, too.

KCRW Bookworm - This is an excellent book program hosted by Michael Silverblatt out of the Santa Monica studios of KCRW. I think Silverblatt is a compellingly good and interesting interviewer - he has read all the books of the authors he interviews and has a very cool perspective on narrative. And extra points for the intro music!

BBC Newspod - In case I feel like some world news, I quite enjoy the briskness of the BBC - so authoritative and British!

JapanesePod101.com - I subscribe to this to keep up with my Japanese study - one of the best free language resources on the net. I think they have an Italian pod, as well, which would be well worth having a look at.

Background Briefing - A Radio National gem - very informative look at an issue or country.

All in the Mind - A fascinating look at the brain in all sorts of different modes. I love this one.

Life Matters - A laid back look at all sorst of issues that affect families and people - probably meant for an older age demographic than me, but sometimes I find it very comforting!

Big Ideas - A look at big concepts and issues, such as Ross Garnaut's report on climate change.

Religion Report - The title sort of gives this one away! A very cool look at different aspects of different religions and issues that arise accordingly.

Correspondents' Report - Interviews and discussion with ABC correspondents stationed overseas. Very interesting.

ABC Insiders - My favourite Australian politics podcast. A meaty hour-long broadcast with interviews and debates from all sides. So good.

Rear Vision - Great concept. This podcast looks at a current event, and attempts to offer an historical background to the situation.

Easy French Poetry - This is the most beautifully read podcast of French poetry, which is later explained and analysed (in French) by the Parisian Camille. Swoon!

RN Shuffle - A good mixed bag of the week on Radio National. Good if you want to catch up on news quickly.

Learn to Meditate - I've been listening to this as a way to relax during PhD time. A really nice way to focus.

Lowy Institute Podcast - This is an excellent online resource. It's a podcast of the Wednesday Lowy Lunch recorded weekly with international experts on global affairs.

Sunday Night Safran
- As pointed out in the comments, this is a must, and I can't believe I forgot to add it the first time! Father Bob and John Safran make for a hilarious duo, talking about religion, politics and life in general. Very giggleworthy indeed.

These two podcasts are not searchable on iTunes, but are also well-worth listening to:

Open Yale Courses - This is a sensational nerdy resource with about ten first-year courses from Yale University - each with about 24 lessons. Eeee! All the fun of uni without any of the stress.

Agatha Christie Radio Mysteries - Original recordings of the great lady's stories. Amazing!

What are some of your favourite podcasts? I'd love to add more to the list!


  1. What a fantastic list you've made, Miss Kate! Awesome job! Nothing will tear me away from Richard Stubbs on ABC Local, however. xx

  2. Thanks Pip! Very kind of you. I shall have to track down Monsieur Stubbs - it's been too long :)

  3. Hi there - great list - I look forward to checking some of these out. I like catching up with John Safran's Triple J podcast Sunday Night Safran on religion and current affairs - interesting, offbeat stuff.

    Cheers, Rachael

  4. I can't believe I forgot John and Father Bob! I love them - so eclectic and fun. I've added them - thanks for reminding me, Rachael.

  5. What a marvelous list! I'm already looking them up - subscribe subscribe!

    I'm a big fan of Filmspotting and Creative Screenwriting Magazine, the latter of which, if you can get over the slightly obnoxious host, has some brilliant interviews with screenwriters and filmmakers. You'd love the Aaron Sorkin podcast!


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