Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Love You Big in Inside Out Magazine!

I got such a delicious surprise this morning to discover, from Ebony, that this little blog and shop have been featured in the September/October edition of Inside Out magazine! Up there with some of my other blog favourites (Ebony, of course, and Pia, for example) - I am absolutely thrilled. If you want a copy, it goes on sale today.

Inside Out also have an excellent blog if you're keen for more design-fun, and you can see a preview of the magazine here.

So welcome to any new readers from Inside Out - please make yourself at home and have a look around!

By the way, hilarious that someone thinks I'm girly. I've never thought of myself that way, and then every time anyone sees my house, bedroom, or study, that's the first thing they say! You can't fight City Hall...


  1. yay for delightfully crafty ladies!! :)

  2. congratulations. a lovely surprise indeed : )

  3. Big snaps to you! Hurrah! xxx

  4. Eeee!! How exciting! I trust Inside Out is going straight to the pool room :) xx

  5. Oh, I love Inside Out! You clever girl! And no, you can't fight City Hall, but together we can paint it egg-shell blue and put some whimsical wallpaper inside. x

  6. A deserved mention! (And thanks for your kind mention of the mag!) How funny, I think it was our deputy ed, Bianca, who came up the 'girly' description. But evidently she is not in the minority! Yes, bring on the City Hall makeover ...
    Lee Tran


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