Thursday, August 20, 2009

Melbourne Home

This beautiful home was featured in the Design Files - isn't it perfect?
I love the mix of cute prints with modern furniture and industrial chic.
And the Frenchy influence of the prints! Delightful!
Have a lovely weekend! I am planning to catch up on a lot of sleep, fill some etsy custom orders and see some friends. And I might sneak some crafty-times in for myself, too!
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  1. I heart this house! Especially luurve that big Frenchy print. Ohh la la!

  2. Oh my god, gorgeous. Am going to kidnap that grey chair next to the Penfolds poster.

  3. I would KILL for that red hat & jacket print! Fantastic. What a yummy blog you have!

  4. I know, right? I might have to sneak into their house one night and, ahem, liberate some of those prints...


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