Friday, October 31, 2008

Truant Magazine

I am very excited to say that I bought Truant Magazine for a whole $2 - and it's one of the loveliest guides to New York City ever! I'll be spending a week there this December, and after having been there last March, I am now ecstatic about going back. Highly recommended to anyone considering a trip there, or anyone with a bit of happy wanderlust in their boots.

Open Shelves Gallery

I am so obsessed with open shelves right now. It's as if I keep seeing them everywhere I go. I marvel at the way they never seem to look messy and are always crafted with such love and colour-co-ordinating care. Does anyone else like them as much as I do?


Light, Bright and Scandinavian

Aren't these the loveliest, brightest rooms, ever?

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Mini Drawers

Image from Schubladen via Design*Sponge
These drawers remind me deeply of some I lusted after some time ago. Swoony, swoon, swoon.

Shelves, Toys and my Inner Four Year Old

Images via Oh Happy Day.

Despite not even being near to having children myself, I am always drawn towards child-like designs for my own rooms. I adore how these hanging arrangements display toys and little lovelies.

Oh for little shelves which tell stories!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Choose Your Destination

I love these old train destination banners, and am obsessed about the idea of choosing your own locations. Wouldn't it be fun to list thirteen spots you're crazy about on your wall?

Sorry for the short posts of late - back to normal transmission soon.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Old New York

Fairchild, 1931.
In the midst of hectic travel planning, I came across these magnificent images of old New York which made me pause and get all excited again. Not only did I write my thesis on this amazing city, but I adore good historical photographs.

Building the Empire State Building, 1930, Lewis Hine.
Hester St, Lower East Side, 1901.
Lower Broadway, 1899.

Display shelf

I do love a good ornament shelf. This one looks delicious!

Monday, October 27, 2008

An Afternoon Surprise

This afternoon a brand new copy of the UK journal 'Critical Engagements' arrived. The exciting thing about it is that I'm in it! I've published an article about the body and 9/11 within fiction. Eeee! And perhaps the best bit? It was the first piece of mail (not from my friends!) that addressed me as 'Dr'. A little premature, maybe, but quite thrilling nonetheless.

All a-Jumble

Not to do too much of a self-indulgent post, but things have been fairly chaotic in my head of late. Still trying to calm down from such a hectic few months/years, and it's frustrating that such a calm down takes so long to happen! It's also proving to be quite difficult to explain to people, and the immediate reaction to a finished PhD is, "Oh, you must be so happy! And relaxed!" While the happy part is definitely true, it's still a bit tense - I have results to wait for and a whole lot of muscle memory which is very good at ramping up the anxiety to record highs. I (hope I) will have more articulate thoughts on this later.

Also trying to organise a big trip with the Pal (more soon!) which is proving to be expensive and slightly stress-inducing, but will, of course, be incredible when we get there. So lots to show and tell later, but right now off to the second in my career-path assessment tests. Last week was personality testing, this week it's verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests!

Friday, October 24, 2008


It's like someone reached into my brain and made the house I love. For serious. And for a truly obsessive library, have a look here.

Vintage Book Covers

I'm such a sucker for beautiful book covers. How amazing is this original, pre-Disney Bambi cover?
Pigeons won't look the same to me after this one! Speaking of books, I have added a bar on the right hand side of my blog, updating what I'm reading at the moment - have a look and maybe we can start an online book club in the future?
All images

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Old and New Again

Recognise this bus? Yeah, it's faux-old - I have become quite enamoured with this website which ages your digital photos about 100-150 years. I'm sure clever people can do this on photoshop, but it's an absolute revelation for me. Here's the same photo pre-aging...
And here is the Pal and I as we might have looked in the 1860s! (With beads about 100 years before their time...)

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sydney: Weather and Pretties

All these photos were taken in Sydney over the last few weeks in the crazily changeable weather we've been having. I have not been able to pick an appropriate outfit for days and the back seat of my car has turned into my wardrobe!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Circus Fun

I was very excited to see My Folk Lover talk about the Circus Museum, full of delightful circus posters and prints.