Monday, October 13, 2008

A Magical Day

Yesterday was the first day I have really felt like I was on holidays - I had the most wonderful time! In the morning, my friend A and I headed to Sydney's inner west for some much anticipated second-hand furniture shopping and general flaneurie. First stop (ok, it was a book fair we saw on the way,) but the first Proper Stop was Old Furniture, (51 Parramatta Rd, Annandale). This shop was filled with stunning wooden modern furniture, all of which I had to stop myself from putting straight into my car. I loved these matching bedside tables:

And if this sideboard could talk, I know it would say, "Kate, I was made to come home with you!" It even has very cute little slide-out trays (I'm sure they have a proper name...) and was bursting with 1950s cute.Next stop was Recycling Works (45 Parramatta Rd, Annandale) which looked and felt like a veritable treasure trove of furniture love. So many sideboards, mini tables, couches, and dressers. Oh my.
In the photo above, there are even old theatre seats to buy, all in a row!

A and I thought this little table looked like a little foal standing up for the first time on shaky legs. Or a table, sure.
A bought the small wooden step on the far left bottom shelf to reach things around the house. I liked the pale blue milking stool on the far right. Again, I have very little use for a milking stool, but it felt crucial at the time.
On the way home, we saw this bus and truly thought we had been transported to the 1950s. Neither of us want to know why this was here (or if it's a frequent bus) - just that we felt it made our day.

After the furniture crawl, we grabbed some lunch and more goodies at the Marrickville Fair, stopping in to Reverse Garbage and The Bower for some more rummaging. We ended the day with some perfect, creamy gelato (hazelnut and vanilla, if you must know) in Haberfield and then spent a lovely sunny evening wandering with the Pal and watching some DVDs.

Perfect day!


  1. good to see you're enjoying yourself kate, you deserve it! those furniture shops look a bit too tempting - love the peacock fan.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous day! I love a good second-hand furniture store and actually used to collect milking stools (not that I had any real use for them, I just loved their shapes and colours).

  3. The gelato flavour and the street scene made my stomach tense up with envy and longing for home... What a lovely day! Glad to see you're relaxing.


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