Thursday, October 2, 2008

Printy Lovelies

I was lucky enough to stumble upon Wilkintie, based in Melbourne who make incredible letterpress prints.

What's really exciting is that you can buy an individual print, but you can also subscribe to twelve months of prints (for only $40 per print) and get a surprise print each month! That would be so much fun!

Started by Carly Hargreaves and Niels Oeltjen, the website says that this project "evolved from a love of letterpress printing and a desire to collaborate with the amazing artists we discover in our day-to-day lives". Swoony printy goodness.


  1. oh! i read about this too, i love letterpress.
    also kinda like the idea of subscription art =)

  2. Me too! It's so exciting - like little treats arriving at your door :)

  3. That is lovely work! You always have some great finds.


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