Monday, October 27, 2008

All a-Jumble

Not to do too much of a self-indulgent post, but things have been fairly chaotic in my head of late. Still trying to calm down from such a hectic few months/years, and it's frustrating that such a calm down takes so long to happen! It's also proving to be quite difficult to explain to people, and the immediate reaction to a finished PhD is, "Oh, you must be so happy! And relaxed!" While the happy part is definitely true, it's still a bit tense - I have results to wait for and a whole lot of muscle memory which is very good at ramping up the anxiety to record highs. I (hope I) will have more articulate thoughts on this later.

Also trying to organise a big trip with the Pal (more soon!) which is proving to be expensive and slightly stress-inducing, but will, of course, be incredible when we get there. So lots to show and tell later, but right now off to the second in my career-path assessment tests. Last week was personality testing, this week it's verbal, numerical and abstract reasoning tests!

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