Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Celebrations All Round

Since I last wrote, the feeling is still a little bit odd. I keep thinking "I have to get home to get started on my..." and then can't finish the sentence! Ahh. The Pal surprised me yesterday with a night at the Observatory Hotel which was sensational and the BEST surprise.

The Pal and I spent yesterday afternoon getting full body massages, then had a swim in the indoor pool, the roof of which is covered in stars as if you're looking up to the night sky. Then we got into our fluffy hotel robes (why are they always so fluffy?!) and had room service while watching U.S. election commentary. Swoon! Had a leisurely wander down to breakfast this morning - it all seemed very fairytale. Thank you Pal - you're the best.

Happily, today is also the day in which I draw my etsy-versary prize! I used the random picked and came up with NATASHA! Yay for you, lovely! Have a look in the shop and let me know what goodies you'd like to the value of $20!


  1. I love fancy hotels! Lucky you!

  2. oh how delightful! lucky me! And lucky you too from the sounds of things... huge congrats again and THANK YOU! I will go etsy-shopping... Love, N xxx

  3. lucky you, dr of leisure =) great to see that you're lapping up all the post-submission celebrating.

    hope you're enjoying your free time. enjoying your posts - the ny library site is awesome!

  4. this pool is FANTASTIC! you're so lucky! :) sounds really amazing. xo

    Joanna from Glamour

  5. Eeee! I'm so glad the Pal pulled the surprise off in such supreme style!
    You of course deserve it and a whole lot more - I'm guessing once you hit Paris, that odd feeling might start sloughing away. xx


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