Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Finish Line

I have measured out my life in coffee spoons, or so writes T. S. Eliot in The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock.

For me, I measured out the last 1500 or so days of my life in spell checks, word counts, articles, endnote references, and eye strain. My heart has felt the full gamut of emotions from utter bliss (I'm getting paid to think and read and write!) to crippling anxiety and looming fears (I can't do this! Why is it only getting harder as I go along?). And my poor old body has suffered back pain, a lack of exercise/fresh air, teeth-grinding, tears, anxiety, and general bumps and bruises - I sure did fracture my nasal bone, too - along the way.

But I've made it. Today I hand in four copies of my super big PhD thesis! For now it feels pretty surreal and I have a pretty agonising wait to see if I pass, but I am relieved, if not still feeling a small amount of residual stress.

Thank you to all in blogland (and in reality) who helped me on my way. You're the best! Will tell of the adventures when I return!



    Absolutely thrilled for you, Kate! I don't know how, but you've maintained your sanity and humour throughout this herculean achievement of yours.

    Can't wait to celebrate/happy dance with you in person, but completely understand if you need to climb under a rock for a few days...though I'd suggest you switch that up for an inviting doona :)

    Lots of love, pride, delight, relief (!) and nondescript goodness is heading from me to you (carefully filtered for any residual black lung!) xxx

  2. hey!! congratulations kate! i'm so happy for you =) well done!

    did you find it hard to let go? i wasn't prepared for that feeling... and the residual stress remains for a while (even a week later!!)

    i'm so pleased for you, congrats again!!!

  3. Congrats Kate, what a mammoth effort... I can't even imagine. Thinking of you! xxx

  4. Woo-hoo! I am stoked for you. You're an academic rockstar! Well done. I am very proud of you.

    I am certain that your body and mind will need some time to change gears, and some solid rest to fight all those meanie toxins you've been holding at bay over the past few months (years?). So make sure you go easy on yourself (no need for 'what next?' questions for a good while OK, rockstar?).

    Feel free to let casual strangers know that you've just finished a colossal piece of work. Don't be afraid of turning around to the person behind you at the check-out to let them know just how things are done Chez Kate.

    BIG squishes,


    ps. Let me know when you want your facial. x x x

  5. Brilliant news! Congratulations!!!

  6. CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That is so so so exciting! (and I hope will be me in a year!) xo abbey


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