Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Drawers Full of Drawers

Image from Style Files via Hubero Kororo
Image via Wis Design

I adore drawers and long for the time when I can populate my house with drawers full of papers, labels and pretties.

These particularly grab me - I have found myself looking at drawers by the side of the street, wondering where I could store them to get them made into installations like these!

Don't forget about my competition about Random Acts of Kindness which closes this Friday 18th!


  1. I realise I must've been smiling benignly as I scrolled down your page, because when I came to these pictures of drawers my face froze. I don't... know quite what to do with myself now. I have never seen such exquisities (new word) before.

  2. Eeee! SUCH exquisities! I'm so glad you share my love for them. Every time I see these drawers, I too get the face-freeze, and begin to wonder how I can exist without owning them/covering my entire house in them.



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