Friday, July 11, 2008

Love You Big Giveaway and Competition!

I am not a girl who overuses the exclamation mark, but felt that it was warranted here.

In light of my Random Acts of Kindness project, which I will tell you about soon (eee!), I thought I would be the first to start, and am having a competition on my blog.

What do I have to do to enter?
Write to me in the comments section about a RAK of which you have been on the receiving end, or a RAK you have done for someone else. (Or even a RAK you want to do, but haven't done yet). Doing Random Acts of Kindness can be for people you know or for strangers, and they don't have to be big - even making a cup of tea for a friend can qualify!

What could I win?
A huge collection of paper bits and pieces from loveyoubig! I have put together a selection of papers, handmade envelopes, stickers, seals, and little bits of lovely. This will be an even bigger selection that those on sale at my much kindness is one pack!

How will the winner be decided?
I'll write your names down and draw one from a hat. Not really a foolproof or fraudproof method, I know, but I pride myself on my honesty. :) I'll draw the winner next Friday 18th July at 11am in Sydney, Australia.

Please feel free to promote this on your own blog and provide a link back to mine. Thanks!


  1. Ooo... lovely RAK you have!! That girl is by Yoshitomo Nara right? :) A RAK I've done of late? Well, I do love giving my sis and SIL baby stuff for their sons every month! And I love giving baby pressies to my preggie friends. Do those count?
    bunnybox9 at gmail . com

  2. Of course that counts! That's a lovely thing to do - I can't WAIT for friends to start having babies, as I've had good baby-ideas for years :)

    And yes, that is Yoshitomo Nara.

  3. Invited and paid for my 2 nieces to visit me in singapore as a bit of family bonding! Had a great time and memories never to be forgotten

  4. well...dear kateo.
    my RAK is one which occured a few weeks ago...i was wondering through the CBD of Sydney and Randomly saw the same homeless man in 5 different places around the city....taking it as a sign on the fifth time i saw him...i emptied my wallet into his collection box.
    one RAK right there :)

  5. Hmmm, well, just a little RAK last week. I took my sister-in-law to the hospital for a procedure, and while I was waiting, a women on crutches walked up and sat in a wheel chair. She then tried to balance the crutches on her lap and make the chair go. I pushed her to the area of the hospital she needed to go to. No big deal! I wish I could think of some really great RAK that don't cost money. Thanks for the giveaway!

  6. I was invited to dinner by a pakistani family living in a christian slum in Islamabad - when I got to there tiny two room dwelling which house 12 people they put on an enormous spread of food and then gave me beautiful china gifts! It must have cost them at least a months' salary, probably several months... hospitality in this country is truly amazing. I felt TERRIBLE to be such an imposition and must now devise a RAK for them to match!! Would welcome any suggestions!

  7. THEIR tiny two room dwelling... how awful... i should be lynched for that

  8. Natasha - no lynching required :) (That would be a RAM - Random Act of Madness!) How overwhelming for you. I'm sure you'll manage to repay them in many ways.

    @ Sphinx, Bippo and handmaiden - what lovely RAKs! Generating some great ideas, here.

  9. Hi there,

    Recently I potted up a lot of small seedlings for some neighbours who mentioned that they planned to make a new garden. I also gave them some seeds, one of our compost bins and a whole lot of gardening magazines for inspiration. I wonder if that counts as a RAK? It was fun for me anyway, and a nice way to get to know my neighbours.

    Thanks for your warm and fuzzy post and giveaway offer :-)


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