Sunday, July 13, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

Image via golly molly

The Pal and I celebrated five big years together today. We have had the most wonderful time together, and while there have been big things to tackle along the way, I'm proud of the way we have handled them.

Just for fun, I bought him these fabulous steampunk cuff links from qacreate at etsy. Thanks Marco!

Be sure to check out my new competition which ends next Friday 18th July, 2008!


  1. Happy 5 years!! They are the coolest cuff links ever.

    Hope you two took enough of a study break to celebrate! xx

  2. @ Nina: Thank you!

    @ Alice: Thank you, too! The Pal's thesis is due today, so we romantically (!) spent yesterday editing, but we'll celebrate later in the week. Yay!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!! :) Hope you have a fab weekend celebration!!


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