Thursday, July 10, 2008

Autobots, Roll Out!

Image via Design Boom

As a big fan of the Transformers film, and robots in general, I quite enjoyed these styrofoam lovelies. So lucky they won't decompose for millennia.


  1. ooh gosh I just came on here to tell you I love buffy and ask you whether we have had that conversation & I stumble upon so many things worthy of comment! First & foremost the job offer - well done!! And well done on making what sounds like a very hard, but good, decision. Would love to discuss on our crafternoon which will hopefully be soon - sorry I haven't emailed back yet, I got swallowed up by my horrible week of learning about chest tubes and all things chesty (I think that's the technical term).

    Also, those Victoria Mason necklaces. Sigh.

    xo Alice.
    PS first comment - hurrah!

  2. Yay for your first comment! So glad you're having fun, although chesty things sound baaaad.

    See you soon, K xx


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