Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Another Obsession Rears Its Head...

Images via Dark Horse

About two years ago, the Pal introduced me to Joss Whedon's Firefly. I was so determined not to like it - a comedy about cowboys in space? I don't think so...

Well one episode in, I was hooked. Such great drama, excellent scripts, and a sense of humour. How on earth could it be this good? And how did I miss Buffy and Angel? I confess that I missed the Buffy-train years ago -when flicking through channels I always just kept on going. But after such a good Firefly experience, I geeked out with the complete seasons of Buffy and Angel. And I mean geeked. Out. I can quote lines, I can sing along to the musical episode (oh yeah, there's a musical episode) and I giggle in an anticipatory way when I know the joke coming up. Some say tragic: I say fan...

And the best part of it is that for over a year, Season 8 Buffy has been released by Dark Horse comics! They have been out for over a year, and they are seriously incredible. They read with the same voice of the show, as the writers have stayed the same, and just check out the cover art! I am obsessed with the anime-meets-Buffy aesthetic.

They arrive every month or so, and I get a bona fide little girl thrill (think Christmas morning) when I open up the parcel. It's like I'm getting the real feeling waiting for the cliff-hangers and I couldn't love it more.

For anyone who hasn't gotten into the Whedon-verse, I'm not going to get all judgey or preachy, I'll just say that you are obviously a lesser being for not having experienced this fun. Go! Buy! Geek out!


  1. After reading Be Like Me! I'm thinking of indulging in some Season 8 Buffy post dvd marathon. Do you get them from the US or Kinokuniya?

  2. I actually didn't think of Kinokuniya... I bought some on eBay until I realised they were quite overpriced and have since been buying from Kings Comics on Pitt St. (They have an online shop, too - easily google-able).

    It is the best. Treat. Ever.


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