Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Anchors Away!

I have been neglecting my crafty impulses recently, and finally decided to rectify the situation. For a long time, a good friend and I used to use the phrases "ship it in" and "ship it out". Broadly, "ship it in" means, "yes please, more of that!" while "ship it out" means, "uh-uh, bad news, get rid of it"...

My Mum and one of her best friends (my second Mum!) have taken to using these phrases too, and giggle uproariously when they do so. So I made them these tea towels (or hand towels, I guess) and as I suspected, there were fits of giggles when I unveiled them.


  1. Extremely lovely and very impressive! I love the colour scheme.

  2. Thank you, Emme! Not very impressive hemming on my part, but I didn't photograph that bit :)

  3. Now YOU'RE doing my head in! :)

    Delightful, cheery craft work, Kate. I'll bet your Mums are thrilled!

  4. Oh oh and great use of your atlases in the photos!


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