Friday, July 11, 2008

Old Map Adoration

Moscow, Russia via BiblioOdyssey

Vilnius, Lithuania via BiblioOdyssey

London, England via BiblioOdyssey

Barcelona, Spain via BiblioOdyssey

It's no secret that I adore maps. I collect old atlases, and then somewhat sacrilegiously cut them up and make pretties. In my defense, I like to think I am giving them new life. My good friend Darien once participated in lugging about ten old, heavy atlases (atlai?) for about a kilometre. Such love.

I had to swoon over these amazing old maps posted at BiblioOdyssey. I especially love the ways in which the perspective and scale is slightly off, and the embellishments on the borders, like people or animals. It makes maps that you see in school classrooms today seem so boring and unimaginative.

However, I do like these modern alternatives ... I think these tiles would look amazing as a splashback in a kitchen? Such a shame I am so nesty, with no nest to feather except my rented pad...

Images via DigiTile


  1. I've gotta go straight to the West Wing and the Cartographers for Social Equality.

    "So, you're probably wondering what all this has to do with social equality."
    CJ "No, I'm wondering where France really is."

    .....after the map is turned upside down....

    CJ "Yeah but you can't do that."
    "Why not?"
    CJ "Because it's freaking me out!"




  2. Ah I love that. Another great CJ moment. Frighteningly, that episode made me re-think the Mercator projection!


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