Thursday, July 3, 2008


Image via Dark Horse

Described by the author Simone Lia as 'a story of unanswerable questions, love, despair, adventure and happiness', the brand new four-volume hardback of Fluffy has just been released, and my copy arrived yesterday!

I was introduced to Fluffy by the lovely Darien and Nick about a year ago, and just adore the ways in which it is drawn and scripted. Not to ruin anything, but Fluffy is a precocious and sensitive bunny who refuses to believe he is a rabbit: he is convinced he is human like his 'Dad', Michael. Fluffy wanders around the house asking questions, making cute little noises and generally being the voice that you can't ignore in your own head.

I've taken some pictures of a particularly endearing scene below: please excuse the terrible photo quality. (Until I started a blog, I thought scanners were relegated to the audio tape and Sega megasystem graveyard. Turns out they do have a purpose.)

And have a look at for some beautiful stickers and notecards from Simone Lia.



  1. Look Daddy, I'm a princess!
    Tot tot tot!

    I'm rather jealous of your hard cover set.

    Love, darien xx

  2. You may have a cuddle of it next time you visit :)

    Ksshh! Shh! Klump!


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