Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy "Hump Day" Wednesday

Image via Tiny Candy from Jun Ichihara

Tiny Candy is doing my head in! I have been going through their archives (a little bit obsessively, I admit) and couldn't resist posting this beautiful image from Japanese artist Jun Ichihara. One of my favourite things is when Japanese and French influences combine, and this time, they combine with Saarinen, which is incredible!


  1. You just *so* tapped into something I adore about Japanese design: their adoration of French language. We're all acquainted with Engrish (Japanese English) but Flancais? Very, very funny!!!

  2. Yes! Flancais is a beautiful way to put it! It reminds me a lot of my salt egg:
    Perfect Frenchiness combined with ust a little bit of Japanese charm.

  3. I have a Japanese student in my French class - I'll have to ask her about Japan-ais.

    More like this please! - I'm off to Tiny Candy now to idle away some time I should probably be using constructively. But this is food for the eyes no? .......

    x x x

  4. Entirely food for the eyes, Naomi! There is no such thing as idle time over at Tiny Candy :) You'll feel all the better for it.


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