Thursday, July 10, 2008

Felicitous Moments

I was about 17 when I first started watching the show Felicity, and despite not being a American uni student who had chased her crush to New York City, it really resonated with me. It seemed to, in a very zeitgeisty way, encapsulate exactly where I was at the time - wondering how to cope with change, and generally trying to negotiate being a young woman. And I used to giggle at Felicity's high jeans, too.

Now, I know I'm not the only one, as this show was pretty popular, (witness the debate about Keri Russell and her haircut). But funnily enough, my sister has lent me the DVDs recently, and it's resonating again. Not so much again with the moving to New York thing (although I have since cultivated a pure love for high-waisted pants...) but Felicity's in her final year and deciding what she wants to do with her life. She has to make decisions between medicine and being an artist, and in some ways, the practical and the more artistic (ok, writey) decision made me think of a lot of my friends, and myself, right now.

Anyway, yesterday a situation happened that was right out of a film/Felicity script.

My lovely cousin who works at one of my top Employers of Interest for When I Grow Up called me yesterday and said, "this may be mental as you have about 7 weeks until you finish your PhD and aren't leaving the house, but I had a job proposition for you. But it's full-time, and you need to tell me yes or no today!"


The job offer was sooo up my alley, (it fit my values, my lifestyle, it was about reading and writing, cool people worked there) and I even left my computer to wander around the house wondering how it could play out. For a good hour or so, I contemplated trying to fit in part-time work, a new full-time job and finishing my PhD all at once. I would work nights! And weekends! And I wouldn't see anyone for weeks and be quite crazy!

I ended up saying no with so much reluctance. As soon as I pressed 'send' on the email, it felt as though I did the right thing for my sanity and writing, but jeepers. I'm trying to frame the whole event as a "this is just a little sign from the universe that good jobs will be out there for you when you want one" but I also wonder whether I made a big mistake in not trying to do it all.

Egads. W.W.F.D.?*

*What would Felicity Do?


  1. Felicity would debate it for an hour-long episode, before finally choosing love over money. Interesting dilemma though... it sounds like you made the right choice for you (if there's one, there'll probably be others to follow). Good luck with the PhD home stretch!

  2. Thanks Jesska - I think you're right, but it's so scary... Oh gosh, now I SOUND like Felicity! x

  3. Dear Felicity,

    I believe the Employers of Choice will still be there "When I Grow Up"...and I think the very fact that you turned down the role, means that you already have :)

    Good luck for the countdown!

    Talk soon,

    Love, Sally xx


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