Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Ornament Shelf - Finally Up!

I wrote a little while ago about loving ornament shelves called setzkasten. Like, realllly loving them. I've finally fixed mine up. It's hanging with a few favourite things in it at the moment, but I'll fill it more later when I decide what sort of colours and themes I want to run with. It's making me very happy already.

I decided to paint it white, which turned out to be a lot more painstaking than I first thought. Especially as it took about seven coats of paint! I painted the outside black to set it off, and I'm really happy with how that part turned out.

I also found four of these mini shelves in my local op-shop for $2. One of them is inside a drawer for organising jewellery, but the other three? Hmm. Not sure of what to do with these ones yet. I had thought about sticking them together and painting them white too, but I'm not sure. Any ideas?

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