Monday, September 8, 2008

Speaks for Itself

Just got a call from my supervisor. She's annotated my draft, and thinks when I make THOSE changes, I will be ready to submit. I have no idea how long that will take, but will have a better idea by the time I have a look this afternoon.

EDITED TO SAY: I have got the draft - corrections look numerous but she assures me I should submit within the next few weeks, which is a HUGE relief. Thanks for all the e-hugs!

If only I weren't such a control freak, this process wouldn't be nearly as tricky! Thanks for all your good wishes - I really appreciate it.


  1. Grumble grumble, indeed! Hey I like saying "indeed" too, so I guess I'll love The Wire :)

    I'm glad you've heard back from your supervisor, but alas it seems change is the only constant. I hope the annotations are thoughtful and helpful and will ultimately be beneficial to your thesis - even if your sanity takes a beating in the short term.

    Make your self a cup of tea, and a grumble grumble badge! xx

  2. Sage advice, indeed! (See? I can't stop...) I think you're absolutely right - it's just frustrating...

    Cup o tea on the boil as we speak!

  3. Good luck lovely !! thinking of you in the home stretch xxx

  4. Be gentle with yourself. It's quite devastating to receive feedback especially that last lot when you're so tired. It's not the comments themselves necessarily that cause resentment, I find, but having to get back in the deep when you have barely come up for air: HOLD YOUR BREATH AND GET BACK DOWN THERE!

    I would suggest not rushing back into it when you're wired. Have a purposeful rest - let your mind unshuffle, the resentment fall away, and start to love it again.

    You can do it! x x x

  5. Thank you Tash and Monkey Mind. You are all very wise. I've been for a lovely long walk this morning and am sitting down to calmly go through the draft. Ahhh.

  6. hullo kate

    i found my way to your blog via loobylu this morning. i don't normally comment on strangers' blogs but i'm in phd limbo land too. your thoughts about the whole process really resonated with me.

    i'm currently waiting for my last chapter drafts to return and preparing my Completion Seminar talk for next friday. hoping to submit in the next few weeks too..the vague-ness of this time is killing me!!

    i wish had found your blog a little earlier =) hope it all goes well for you, best of luck!


    ps: i also hate the 'what are you doing next?' question. as if i'm doing nothing currently... sigh!


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