Monday, September 15, 2008

Designing and Re-purposing

I finally got around to framing this favourite book of mine - I'm quite happy with how it turned out. (Please ignore the slightly blurry, uneven photo with my own head in the way!) Of course it will mean I'll have to miss flipping through it for the time being, but it's very pretty. I love the ways a frame can look completely different with something new inside - it's like a new present from old things I already own!

It's sitting on my bedside table now, alongside a blue and white dish I bought in Vietnam some years ago, a delicious Rob Ryan tile, and a stack of to-read books (not nearly the whole stack!), including my new favourite Penguin - Truman Capote's In Cold Blood.

Once I had updated this frame, it followed that I had to do the next. Here's a print I bought in Paris some years ago, and while I adore it, I'd love a change. For now, I turned it sideways and framed some of my favourite egg and bird images. Being the very patient person I am, though, I managed to crack the frame, so this one's glass-less until another trip to Ikea... (Another horrendous, pinkish photo. If only I was as patient as I am impulsive...)

Also, happy birthday to the Pal! Hope you're having a lovely one xx

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  1. Awww Kate, she looks beautiful! Look at her playing that piano. And those pigtails!

    I love that you rotate your pictures. I'd like to be that organised, and tidy! Your bedside table could be in a design magazine!


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