Friday, September 19, 2008

Good Eggs

Some time ago I made The Pal a 'Good Egg' t shirt using freezer paper as a stencil. It is one of his favourite expressions, so it made sense to make one for him, but it's seen better days after lots of washing. I thought I'd update it for his birthday this year with an embroidery one. Not as successful in some ways - I am terrible at embroidering words! - but a lot of fun.

It actually looks better than this photo makes out... Gee that's a crafty concession if ever there was. A bad stitcher blames their camera?!

If you like the design and idea, have a look in the shop for these Gocco cards I made, complete with cute yellow envelopes.

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  1. that shirt is awesome. i wish i was crafty. or at least, craft-oriented. curse my clumsy fingers!


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