Monday, September 22, 2008

Thesis Update...again

Ooh, it's that time again! For the thrilling and readership-gathering post on my PhD!

I finally submitted my final draft to my supervisors again today (my third final draft...hmmm). I feel a bit like I have been hit in the teeth with a large truck.

Overcome with not really sleeping the last little while, I had an afternoon snooze, and dreamed Joyce Carol Oates gave me an F on an exam. My dreams aren't even metaphors anymore!

So, just wanted to let you know where I'm up to. Also trying to pack up my apartment to move, which is as about as exciting as it sounds :)


  1. So this is how you're going: poor sleep, anxiety dreams, exhaustion plus moving house - a highly stressful task by itself! Right, OK...

    Hoping this is the final-final-final version so you can get on with letting go of all that stored tension and start catching up on sleep, nutrients, fresh air, multiple focal lengths, and happy times with The Pal, family and friends. And don't forget my facial! x x x

  2. By the sound of it you don't need any extra tasks at the moment but I've tagged you as a favourite blog anyway :P don't worry about playing along, just saying thanks for the interesting posts!

  3. hurray kate!

    i've been enjoying your recent posts too - love your new ornament shelf =)

    i moved while i was writing and still have dormant, unpacked boxes in the flat...i feel your pain..ugh.

    hope the draft comes back with plenty of ticks, keep us posted =)


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