Friday, September 5, 2008

Relaxing Crazy

It's been a crazy week. I'm waiting to hear back from my supervisor as to whether my complete draft is ready for submission, which has been quite nerve-wracking in itself. But I've now been waiting for almost two weeks, and I've finally done all the last-minute things I can think of. If I check my bibliography one more time, I will finally and completely unspool.

It's hard, as I don't have an end-date in sight (could be next week, could be next month), so it's really hard to plan anything or feel normal! Haven't really been seeing people much of late - my head's a bit exhausted, and it's strange to be in the limbo of having no work to do, but not being able to relax properly...

So in the meantime, and in a very Kate-way, I have:

1. Read four books in three days, including the very excellent Clockers by Richard Price. (Price also wrote some of The Wire which I'm also two seasons into and completely love...)

2. Watched two seasons of Jeeves and Wooster. Too, too much hilarity - for a little taste, have a look here.

3. Made oh-so-many new badges. It's getting to be a habit, now! They'll be up in the shop soon.

4. Started my setzkasten transformation. Oh la la. Pics soon!

5. Waiting for the next Buffy comic to arrive.

6. Started a brand new secret craft project. More details to follow...

Hmmm. This is what other people do when they relax, right?!


  1. Good luck with the wait! That must be hard. And yep, that sounds like the type of stuff I do when I "relax".

  2. Thanks Melanie! It's tough, but I'm looking forward to the end... And glad I'm not alone on the 'relaxing' front!

  3. Ooh, I have been wanting to read Clockers, so on your recommendation it has moved up a couple of places in the list of things-to-read-that-aren't-related-to-my-thesis.

    Fantastic to hear that you have had time for simple, nerdy pleasures! xx

  4. Looks like we got the badge machine to you in the nick of time - crazed relaxing indeed! Glad to see you're getting your craft on, in spite of the anxiety-inducing wait.

    Keep us posted! xx

  5. It might be the eggs over-powering me again, but are your badges inspired (at least in part) by them? They want to know.

    I am obsessed with Jeeves and Wooster. I have the complete collection digitally restored. Most of my baby names come from that show: Honoria, Bertie, Cyril (Barmy), Augustus, Oswald, Myrtle etc. I try to do Honoria's throaty voice when I call out to Ben.

    Am glad to see you're enjoying your your own very special way. Good luck sweetie! You must be starting to exhale now.

    x x x

  6. Hit me that 'enjoying' might not be the right word...We're both not great with the whole not knowing thing. But try your bestest to slowly slow down and get some rest for your buzzing brain.

  7. Monkey mind - I didn't even think of that egg-connotation - I was more thinking of 'good egg' etc! I too love doing J & W impersonations - so many giggles, especially when The Pal hasn't watched it. Adds a new layer of complexity for him...

    Alice - will definitely keep you posted! Egads... Very lucky the machine is babysitting for me right now, otherwise it could be ugly.

    Wakili - read it, read it! It's delightfully good!


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