Monday, August 17, 2009

Print Present

I was going to wait to photograph this little guy in a frame, but I just had to show it to you now. My lovely friends Nick and Darien gave me this incredible print for my birthday (which is, ahem, today!) - isn't it extraordinary?!

It is a screenprint with three different layers, and I have been marvelling at the detail. I'll take another picture once he's framed and up.

I'm planning to do half a day's work today and then have a break - hurray! I've already been spoiled rotten with lots of pressies in the mail - I will share them in good time.

You can see more of Nick's work here and here.


  1. Happy Birthday. I would make you a Hello Kitty bunting but it would be silly to ship to Australia:).

  2. Love the spaceman!!! Happy Birthday, gorgeous Sydney weather for you!

  3. Happy Birthday, honeychild.

    Pressie on its way.

    I have decided I want to make that quilt you're creating as my first foray into crafts. I won't accept anything less (hehe). It looks gorgeous...

    Have a happy afternoon/evening!


  4. happy b'day to you....the print is amazing- lucky you

  5. hey, Happy belated birthday, Kate! i hope it was lovely and that there was lots of champagne involved.



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