Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Witchy Woman

I have been doing a little bit of internet window shopping - you know, the type where you put things in your cart and then exit before buying. In French, window shopping is called 'leche-vitrine' which means 'window licking' - so much more accurate!
As it gets a bit cooler, I have been wanting some longer blouse-y things, and these from Witchery are delicious. Fantasy shopping is so enjoyable!
All images Witchery


  1. Oh! I do like the third top.

  2. i've been window licking at witchery lately too - what a coincidence!

    don't window lick too long - i ended up checking out a lovely new tote (as a graduation present; all justified as it's phud related =p )

  3. So man windows! So little time!


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