Sunday, May 17, 2009

Pencil Rolls

I have been looking for a new pencil case recently.* My old Muji one has finally bitten the dust, and it probably won't surprise you that I spent quite a while thinking about what my criteria for a new one should be.
BellFlower Textiles
I quickly realised it should a) organise my pens and pencils better than "We're all in here! Come find us!" and b) be inexpensive.
Then I realised since I'm doing this Every Day in May challenge, I should probably try to make it. Eeep.
Chef Messy
So while mine will look nowhere near as nice as these pretty ones, I am going to give it a try. Also, I am only going to use fabric I already have (to satisfy the "inexpensive" criterion above). Stay tuned for some potentially giggle-worthy shots of my progress.

*Does anyone else my age USE pencil cases? I find that without one, pens and pencils get lost in my bags and I never find them again. Maybe this is what happens when you're a teacher...

By the way: I did some more writing over the weekend for the Every Day in May challenge. It's taking form!

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