Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Every Day in May: 14th May

I am getting a bit inventive with this everyday challenge! For a long time, I've been meaning to update all my herbs and spices. They were old and had begun to all smell the same, or smell like bland relatives of what they were supposed to. So the creativity here relates, ahem, to cooking.

So I went to an amazing herb and spice warehouse* and filled up all my old jars (labels removed!). The apartment smells incredible and I can't wait to cook with them.
*For those of you in Sydney, it's called Oriental Foods and it's at 43 Carlotta St, Artarmon. They have an incredible range - I also stocked up on quince paste, pistachio halva, almond bread and slivered almonds. I will be back soon :)

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  1. Next time, take me! Though think may need an innovative solution to mine soon; at the moment it's a huge drawer that is as chaotic as the mish mash of shoes at the bottom of my


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