Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Every Day in May: 28th May

I am very excited about these little ones! This is a new line of stationery I've made called 'Map Moons'. Each card is stitched with vintage pieces from a Russian atlas, and each envelope is also lined with a matching map piece.
The cards themselves have a lovely linen finish, and rounded corners.
I've been thinking about making these for ages, and was happy to have had the time to finally do so.
You can find them sold as individual sets or for a set of three here.


  1. Oohheee! These are beautiful, Kate!

    Did you use the badge cutter to make the moons? Does that mean you'll be making more badges (hint, hint!)?

    I can't believe May is almost over. It's been such a treat seeing you get your craft on this month. xx

  2. Why thank you, Alice!
    I didn't use my badge cutter - these moons are actually much smaller. But if you would like some map moon badges, just let me know!

    I am halfway relieved and sad that May is coming to an end - it's been so much fun!

  3. These are lovely. Kate, do you happen to do wedding stuff at all? I am after a simple design for an invitation that I can actually email to people as well as send to some older people who don't have email...if you or someone you know might do a design, pls let me know! Wedding is what I am organising "on the side. (gulp!)

  4. They're just gorgeous! I love maps, especially those in a foreign language, so mysterious!

    x x x

  5. @Naomi: Thank you so much! I've really enjoyed making these ones - so much fun.

    @Jackie: you are just the loveliest! Yes, I'd happily do some wedding invitations - I've emailed you with some details.

  6. Ohhh, those are too cute. I love old maps.


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