Monday, May 25, 2009

Every Day in May: 26th May

This Bambi apron was made for me by my Great-Aunt Josie. (I think my fondness for that little deer started back then.) Which is lovely, but slightly more incredible when you think it was made about 24 years ago! The small pocket at the front is designed for crayons and pencils, and as a young aspiring artiste, I don't think I ever took it off.

My grandma's sister, Josie, was famous in our family for her incredible sewing, and my grandma, Edna, was the knitter. Ed and Jo were best friends, extraordinarily strong women and jaw-droppingly good card players. I miss them dearly.

My work in progress today is an attempt to copy her pattern and make some mini aprons. It is harder (for me) than it looks!

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  1. Too cute! Maybe I could buy a few for Isabel, Olivia and Zara...

    Nice tribute to your fam.


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