Thursday, May 7, 2009

Help please!

Taken in Nikko, Japan 2009.

Can I ask your opinions please, lovely blog readers? I have noticed that JetStar have some insane types of airfares on right now, and I was thinking of taking advantage of them with my Mum once I've finished my thesis. (September, if you're curious).

Bizarrely, I am trying to decide whether to go to the Sunshine Coast in Oz, or to Tokyo! (Yes, a hefty price differential). But the background is this: I've never been away with just Mum - as the eldest of three girls, it was always all or nothing. And Mum's had a pretty rough run with a lot of health issues over the years, so hasn't always been well enough to go away. So we'd really like to do something with just the two of us.

So I sat down to make a list: where would I want to spend a week after my thesis?

Sunshine Coast

-relaxing/refreshing. Good opportunity for quiet, close times.
-cheap (at $69 for 2 people, it almost seems impossible).

-not as interesting as Tokyo!
-can go to the beach in Sydney.

-Amazing opportunity to have together: imagine the stories to tell!

-Expensive (a bigger, but not impossible airfare).
-Might be tiring and exhausting post-thesis?

Every time I keep thinking "Ok, let's go to Sunshine Beach", then I think, "But we could do that any time in our future - it's going to be harder and harder to get to Japan". (I might, for example, get a 'real' job one day where it's hard to take holidays...)

So what do you think? Would it be madness to fly to Japan for a week? Better to have a beach holiday? Any thoughts/advice you have would be greatly appreciated! (Any lurkers: this is your time to shine! De-lurk and tell me what to do!!)

I will make a decision by Monday and let you know. Thanks!

*It's impossible to describe my love for Tokyo/Japan.


  1. I'm thinking Japan, coz it would be a one in a thousand opportunity, and you have a window of opportunity. And as for the exhaustion plan the trip so you have one busy day then one quiet day, and alternate it like that.

  2. Definitely Japan!! You might not get airfares that cheap again and you can always stay at a nice hotel with a pool for relaxation. Imagine the experience it would be for both of you!

  3. NIPPON! This is not even a real contest ;)

    What an awesome mother-daughter experience. I think you both really deserve it. xxx

  4. You could offer your mum a mystery gift on a mother's day card - you could tell her that your gift is a trip away together, and then ask her to choose from (A) a nice, relaxing spoil-yourselves holiday; or (B) a fun, adventurous, kooky holiday with you.

    Importantly, whichever one she chooses, you can never reveal what the other choice might have been!

  5. You guys are great! Thank you so much for your thoughts - I will mull over the next few days xx

  6. Oh Japan! I'm 100% behind this idea. The weather will be lovely and you will have such a good time.

    As you say, the Sunshine Coast will always be there.


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