Monday, January 10, 2011

Our Wedding #1: The Gardens

The Pal and I got married in October 2010, and I'm finally getting around to posting some photos. We were lucky enough to tie the knot in the gardens of my grandparents' holiday home in the Blue Mountains, which is about 1.5 hours west of Sydney. We were able to have the ceremony in the front garden, photos in the larger garden, and the reception in the back garden on the tennis court. It worked so beautifully, I am still agog when I look through all these photos.

You might recognise the tile above from our wonderful engagement story last May - I love this shot, as you can see the ceremony just about to happen. Sigh.
Despite the beauty of the gardens, I wanted to make sure that the ceremony site was clearly delineated and felt extra magical. So the Pal and I made over 100 tissue paper poms, which some close friends helped fluff out the night before, and a whole team of friends with ladders helped hang on the morning of the wedding. (To the key fluffers - thank you!).
They managed to both provide a clear space in the garden, and the bright white highlighted the dark greens and delicate blossoms in ways I couldn't have imagined. The fishing line really helped to give the impression that the poms were floating, improbably metres off the ground.
A small little bridge connects the front garden to the main house. This is where we made the 'aisle' (you can see the flower petals on the ground), and hung pom poms there, too, to connect the two spaces.
This bird bath is near the back of the house, and reminds me of the house - we put some camellias from the garden in the middle, and I love this shot.
This is a favourite of mine. The marquee sat on the old clay tennis court in the back of the house, and this is one of the old clay rollers.This chair sits near the entrance to the tennis court. Two days after the wedding, the azalea bush dropped all its flowers: we couldn't believe our luck that it was in full bloom for the wedding!
This is a post in a series chronicling our wedding, which took place on the 23rd October, 2010. Over the next days, I'll be posting a whole lot more details, including actual photos of people, too!


  1. oh wow the setting is beautiful. 100 tissue pom poms WOWZERS great effort it definitely payed of. cant wait to see more!

  2. The tissue poms are simply... amazing.

  3. Sublime! More than happy to drift down memory lane as you publish this series of posts. Ahhhh..... :) xx

  4. Soooo lovely and romantic! Congratulations!

  5. so beautiful. pure magic. everything looks stunning. so perfect. how lucky to have access to such a stunning garden for your wedding. looks like it was a day to treasure. details big & small. congratulations! x captn


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