Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Our Wedding #3: Before the Ceremony - Boys

The Pal got ready at one of the houses nearby that his mates were staying at, which happened to have a phenomenal view. His Dad popped in for a few photos, too, many of which were 'band photos', which make me laugh. The dress for the wedding was 'nostalgic garden party', which most guests loved (it flummoxed our parents' friends a bit!). So the boys wore old-fashioned vests and hats - they looked amazing.
The Pal gave his extended group of groomsmen pocket watches, which he had engraved with their initials.
Besties. Friends (and the Pal's brother) for many, many years.
The Pal's suit was tailor-made at The Cloak Room in Surry Hills.

This is a post in a series chronicling our wedding, which took place on the 23rd October, 2010. Next up will be the ceremony!

Also - a big welcome to readers from Polka Dot Bride! So lovely to be featured by such a delightful blog. Thanks Ms Polka Dot!


  1. the fellas look fabulous. love the fun photos :)

  2. Am I allowed to drool just a bit over how handsome the groom is!?!

  3. Ha ha - thanks all! The Pal will be very flattered :)

  4. the photos turned out so well and it's such a lovely idea! especially the pocket watches haha

  5. handsome boys indeed - love the outfits!
    am also loving your photos and the way you have broken them into categories.


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