Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our Wedding #4: Ceremony

I walked down the aisle with Mum and Dad - it has always seemed to me the obvious choice. All three of us were crying - happy tears! - but crying nonetheless. We walked to our very good friend Mike's beautiful song, 'I See Love', which meant that there weren't that many dry eyes in the garden!
Our very good friend Rob was our ceremony 'MC' - he has known us both for years, and it was very important to us to have a good friend introduce the ceremony. Our official celebrant was very gracious, and was very happy to do the legal parts of the ceremony.
The whole ceremony felt like a dream - I couldn't look beyond the Pal, but felt waves of happiness and love flowing from the crowd. When I looked over the Pal's shoulder, I saw his brother and groomsmen, who all looked choked up, too. I could have never thought that the ceremony could have been so intensely emotional.
We walked and laughed back down the aisle together to 'All I Want is You', and good friends blew bubbles and wiped away happy tears, too.
This is a post in a series chronicling our wedding, which took place on the 23rd October, 2010. Next week - the reception!


  1. Oh dear, I'm tearing up again just revisiting these photos! I'm such a sook :)

  2. Just gorgeous! You and your husband make a beautiful couple!!

  3. Oh wow, you both look so lovely and happy! The photography is the most awesome too. Beautiful memories.


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