Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Our Wedding #2: Before the Ceremony - Girls

I had expected to be nervous on the morning of the wedding. Except, I really wasn't. I spent the morning hanging pom poms, laughing with friends, getting make up and hair done with my bridesmaids (sisters and now sister in law!), and getting really excited.

These photos were taken in the afternoon, just before the ceremony, inside the main house. It was sprinkling with rain at this stage, which was a bit concerning (especially with paper decorations in a garden!), but it managed to stop miraculously the second we stepped outside.
I looked at lots of bridesmaid dresses online, and found them to be far too traditional. Initially, I told the girls to wear whatever they'd like to, but they really wanted to be matching, so when I saw these floral ones, I thought they'd be so perfect for the garden.
I had the bouquets made, as I thought it might be a DIY bridge too far to go to the flower markets before the wedding. I met with Pam, a florist, who understood I exactly what I wanted

My dress: Lisa Ho.
Bridesmaid dresses: Forever New.
My headband: Forever 21, with some of my own adjustments.
Flowers: Fine Flowers.

This is a post in a series chronicling our wedding, which took place on the 23rd October, 2010. Stay tuned: tomorrow we see the boys!


  1. Wow you looked stunning!!! It's so funny I've been reading your blog for ages and didn't really know what you look like! You looked really elegant, can't wait to see more :-)

  2. Just lovely, thank you for sharing your lovely day.

  3. Oh so sweet of you - thank you!

  4. so, so gorgeous! gawd i love a wedding! xx

  5. Sigh...I usually don't enjoy seeing myself in photos, but these are so lovely and filled with such joyous memories. Kate you were honestly the most luminous bride xxx

  6. What a beautiful wedding. Your dress is gorgeous!


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