Sunday, January 16, 2011

Our Wedding #5: Post-ceremony shots

The exhilaration of the ceremony continued afterwards, hugging friends and family and having lots of photos taken.

Towards the back of the garden, there are some beautiful trees, that happened to provide a beautiful background, and protected us from the raindrops that were beginning to fall.
We found my favourite tree - a big, old Chestnut, and managed to scramble up the mossy branches for some amazing shots.
These are some of my favourite shots - and allowed us some really special time with close friends just before the reception began. It was surreal to be sitting in the tree with the Pal, looking at each other and thinking, 'We're married'!
After the tree, we ran out the gravel driveway to take some more shots. Ironically, it was here I thought we'd get the best shots, and I think it shows that you should try to be really flexible on the day and trust your photographers: they really know what they're talking about!
We chose to have lots of photos in front of the garage doors, and the one below is one of my favourites of the wedding. It's a shot of a whole group of our friends, many of whom the Pal has known for almost 20 years. Hilariously (or so I think), I am the only one smiling. We were trying to do a Victorian-style 'no smiling' photo, but I am biologically unable not to smile.
This is a post in a series chronicling our wedding, which took place on the 23rd October, 2010. Next up will be inside the reception tent!


  1. Hey girlie! This is my first visit to your lovely blog, and although I do not know anything about you, I do know that you had the wedding of my dreams... lol :) Your stunning dress, the gorgoeus hairpiece, the flowey bridesmaids dresses, the pom pom puffs, the setting... all so beautiful and what I hope to have some day. Absolute perfection!


  2. My absolute favourite photo is you smiling up at James and holding the watch fob. The way you two are looking at each other is such perfection - kills me every time! xx


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