Sunday, August 8, 2010

Blue Mountains House

Since the Pal and I got engaged, I haven't shared anything about our wedding. But we're just back from a beautiful, winter weekend up in the Blue Mountains where we'll be getting married later this year. My grandparents have graciously allowed us to tie the knot on their property, and here are some photos of the garden. It's winter now, so everything's quite bare, but imagine lots of colour and flowers everywhere. Welcome to a little tour!
The old chestnut tree I used to climb
The gravel driveway

The clay tennis court (where we'll put a marquee)
The barn-style garage
This is where the ceremony will take place...whee!!!
It's been wonderful to take these photos and see the place through different eyes. Don't worry, I won't post hundreds of wedding details, but the odd one might slip through :)


  1. Oh so exciting Kate! I can just see how lovely it will be in bloom... xx

  2. go ahead.. post away.. who doesn't love a wedding? & you know we all love details :) i know it will be stunning.

  3. So pretty, I think that sounds like a lovely place to get married. :)


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