Sunday, August 15, 2010

New Stationery Binge

So yeah, I caved and went to Kinokuniya the other night and didn't leave empty-handed. Oops. I haven't been there for a while, and they've changed the stationery lines they hold. This is bad news for the actual writing paper section - lots of bright colours and ugly designs - but excellent news for the mini notelets section. Cute, zakka-style notelets and to-do lists abound!
All blurry images by me. Sorry. Stationery-excitement jitters.

Also, I should let you know that I've decided to put a few ads on the old blog. I have written about and highly praised the Book Depository before, and wholeheartedly endorse their service. Becoming an affiliate partner means that you can click through and buy things from my blog if you'd like. Or you can choose to ignore it all together - whatever is comfy for you.


  1. A stationery binge is the best! These are all lovely things. I'm like you, I cannot resist little paper trinkets and notebooks are my true weakness. Best get writing lots and lots!!!

  2. ooooh...i love kinokuniya... and stationery! i'm impressed that you can hold out for any period of time =)

    my wallet is grateful that there's not one in melbs yet!

  3. Oh my. Cute Cute Cute!
    <3 your selection! :)

  4. Love your stationery finds - fellow lover of cute designs :)
    Love the Book Depository to - myself and some friends were hooked one night viewing their real-time map of purchases across the globe.

  5. I am a BIG sucker for stationery too! That's why I also try to bring some to my shop too. I have far more than I need but I still can't stop buying them when every time I see some cute ones~


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