Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gallery Walls

More and more gallery walls seem to be taunting me. We're not allowed to put any hooks or sticky 3M hooks on our walls (except, ahem, the three that I've already put up), so a gallery wall would seem an excessive violation of the silly, silly rules. Gah. So pretty and delicious.
Images from here and here.


  1. I love this style of picture hanging as well (I've always called it the 'french style' but probably just a hangover from my mum). Can you not use those 3M hooks that come off completely clean? I reckon you could get away with it... shhhhhh.... x

  2. Sneaky, Maxabella, sneaky! Love your thoughts. This might have to happen this year...

  3. I can empathise, we're renting and can't put up any hooks or nails so the closest thing I have to a gallery wall at the moment is 10 magnetic frames on our fridge, sad! I'm thinking of trying those 3m hooks on the bare brick walls in our playroom, keep me posted if you try them, would love to know if they really do come away clean.

  4. Well I have tried those 3M hooks and they took paint and plaster off!! But I think it's because I hung a picture frame that was too heavy. So I've tried again with light things, but haven't actually peeled them off yet. A bit terrifying. But I also think that it's a bit unfair to give a place for lease (we've been there for 18 months) with not one nail or hook in the wall!!

    I like the fridge idea, TT - might try it out!

  5. I agree, if a landlord puts that in their lease they should at least have a few nails up. We have a picture rail going around the entire living/dining/hall space and bedrooms which works for some pictures but some look peculiar at that height. Oh wait till I buy a place, the hammer and nails will be out big time!!!


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