Wednesday, August 11, 2010

It's (Not That) Complicated

OK, so I watched It's Complicated the other night, and while it wasn't the Best Movie Ever, it was styled super well. Check out the beautiful kitchen and garden. Not really my style - I could never live with that much beige - but it was so pretty and practical-looking. The only irritating part was that part of the film focussed on Meryl Streep wanting to 'build the kitchen she's always wanted' - whaaa?!


  1. i know.. and i was so disappointed at the end that we never got to see the new extension!

  2. Ha! Agreed. Massive first world whinge about the perfect kitchen needing to be replaced. The least they could have done was show us this so called 'dream kitchen' :)

    On a side note, how cool is John Krasinski in this film - he almost steals it from Streep, Baldwin and Martin (and I didn't think that was possible).

  3. This film didn't especially grab me either. And I so wanted it to with that cast. xx

    I just love how she earned all that cash from a posh bakery!


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