Thursday, June 17, 2010

Junzo Terada

I recently went to Brisbane for a few days (where I met the lovely Kylie) and wandered around a very new-to-me city. I loved the Ron Mueck exhibition at GoMA and found these little sticky notes in the gift shop. (I can't not stop at a gallery gift shop. Sometimes I visit it twice: before AND after the exhibit...) They are by Japanese artist Junzo Terada and I promptly bought them on Book Depository for a trifle.

Sadly, like many Chronicle Books sticky notes, they don't stick!! Has anyone else had this problem? So if you're after some pretties (and they are super pretty) and a pretty big dose of frustration, these are for you.
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  1. Oh they're lovely, you're reminded me to have a good look at the stationery section of Book Depository. I know what you mean about unsticky stickies, I got H some arrow ones recently and he had a blast sticking them all over the house to lead me on a hunt, half an hour later they had all fluttered to the floor, you can only imagine the freakout!!!


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