Monday, June 14, 2010

Life Baggage

Ahem, I am hoping to start a Proper, Full-time Job soon, and realised I have nothing to wear. So I've been quite busy over the past few weeks trying to quickly accumulate a wardrobe which will be functional, warm and not too expensive: turns out I may as well have decided to find the Holy Grail, because it probably would have been easier.
Happily, I have narrowed down some work bag options, but won't buy anything until I know the dimensions of my work laptop. Nerd! I know, but obviously that's important. What do you think of these pretties? They're pretty reasonably priced and come in lots of different colours, too.


  1. Tis a mission impossible to do find a work wardrobe that meets all those criteria. Thankfully I only have to present myself a few times a week in the office so I've gotten away with mixing up a black skirt/pants and dress with all manner of other items in my wardrobe. I'm looking for a new bag so you've inspired me. Great finds. :) I much prefer a coloured bag to a black one even though I know black is way more practical. I must caution with the cream though as if you get it anywhere near denim it will become cream with smudges of blue that are impossible to wipe off. xo

  2. oh my.. i love handbags! i LOVE the white one (2nd image) and the second blue one (4th image).. similar colour to my marc jacobs bag darling! (3 years old and still going strong).. good luck with the wardrobe :)

  3. @Cat: Great tips on the cream/white bags. I, too, had wondered at my ability to keep them clean but denim is a whole 'nother issue!

    @Captain KK: Yes, I thought that colour was very Marc Darling! Tee hee. We;ll just have to wait and see with laptop measurements. Sigh. It would look a but aggressive/psychotic to ask about those now. Wouldn't it?!

    @LPC: Thanks!

  4. Ha ha - only know by experience and then tried to get the much loved cream bag dyed black but it didn't work. Tragic I tell you (in a totally first world problem kinda way!). I think they're all designer looking without the designer price tag which suits me fine thank you very much indeed! Going to totally scope it out. xo

  5. Thanks for the link, I have been looking EVERYWHERE in Melbourne for a great bag. I fell in love with one that was $1500 -- fail.

    These are lovely, great colours. Any one of them would be perfect.

    Good luck!

  6. It's got to be the last two. My fave is the second to last.

    I often wish that I had a job which enabled me to spend all day in my pyjamas - hence avoiding the wardrobe/style/price/combination dilemma. But then I might never get dressed and that never ends well does it?

    x x x


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