Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Away

On the weekend, The Pal and I went on a mini-road trip to Goulburn for my lovely friend Alice's wedding. It was the most perfect day, and I thought I'd show you a little of what we saw.

The above hallway is from Mandelson's - the hotel in which we stayed. Fully decked out and restored, this antique wonder was delightful. That checked flooring looked like it was the original - smooth and worn beautifully.

This is what it used to look like - on a quiet corner of Goulburn. It has lost none of its charm, but is now in a slightly busier end of town.

This shot is of the Lynwood Cafe where the reception was held - oh my goodness! Such a bucolic and restful place. Lanterns hung from the Weeping Willows, and little ducks swum about in the stream. Truly out of a storybook.
Of course Alice and the entire wedding party looked picture-perfect too. Look at those Willows!
The view out over Collector.
And I couldn't forget this fellow. Nearby is the quasi-famous Big Merino, which only made me hungry for a road trip looking at all the big, kitsch things in Australia. I'm entirely serious.

*You'll notice that none of these photos are mine. I brought my camera with, alas, an uncharged battery. I know - I've finally stopped beating myself up.


  1. I enjoy mini-road trips like this. I too love the big Kitsch things in Australia. Coming from Scotland, it's like one massive playground!

  2. Kate, you've actually managed to make the Merino look kind of imposing and mythical! Great shot!

  3. How delightful! Thanks for sharing. x x


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