Sunday, April 12, 2009

Thank you...again!

The delightful (and ever so talented) Naomi was kind enough to pass on this award to me. It is actually the second time I have received it (the last time was from the equally lovely Shelley) and this time I shall do it properly (!) as last time, I forgot to mention '7 things I love'.

Finding only 7 is tricky, but I will take Naomi's lead, as she said "In the end I just wrote what came to me and told all my other favourite things that I loved them just as much." (Isn't she just the best?)

So here they are in no order other than how they flew into my head:

1. Thinking about and finding the perfect present for a friend, and carefully wrapping it with special paper, ribbons and tags.

2. The smells of rain, the ocean and freshly cut grass. I could seriously smell any of these for days on end and never tire. Same goes for watching thunderstorms.

3. Books, books and books. If you read this blog much, you will see that my reading list on the right hand side shows no sign of slowing. I love the way books transport me out of time and space. Related to this is, of course, my love of second-hand book fairs. *Sigh*

4. Getting kisses on the head from the Pal. And the Pal more generally.

5. Paper and making crafty things. And craft stores. My best relaxation comes when I sit and make things.

6. Meditating. I am not very good at it yet, but have been going to weekly classes for about 15 months now and can say with certainty that I am a better person for it.

7. Organising, planning, sorting and tidying. I'm the sort of person who delights in taking everything off a shelf, re-packing it and putting it all back in again. I also like cleaning.

If you're reading and have a blog, then consider yourself nominated! What 7 things do you like?

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  1. Your list gave me some pleasure just reading it...all lovely things. Took me to Aussie winter holidays on the coast when you're all rugged up watching waves crash on rocks and feeling ocean spray on your cheeks...


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