Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fruit and Vegies Say 'Yay'!

These fruit and vegie bags are the cutest alternative to small plastic bags that I've seen. I am a dedicated 'take my own non-plastic bags to the supermarket' kinda gal, but I always cringe at my own hypocrisy when it comes to using small plastic bags for multiple things.
All images from wonderthunder


  1. It's a constant battle in England - where most things are pre-packaged, sometimes even twice. I have a weekly delivery of produce caked in dirt so I am trying...but still using and throwing away plastic daily. x x

  2. Your posting of printed material (not that it's a super-rare occurence! ;) reminded me to point you at this. I assume you've seen it. If not, I may be opening a potentially expensive can of worms...


  3. They are fantastic! Thanks for the link!


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