Monday, April 20, 2009

Ribbon Heaven

Recently I went to the ribbon and paper heaven of Vanderos. These are some photos I took of the showroom. While it's not open to the public (wholesale only, sadly - I went with my Mum), I was so taken by their dizzying array of stock.
I want a room like this in my house of the future - just for wrapping and you know, stroking ribbon.
This candystripe was one of my favourites. I couldn't pick the colour I liked most - there were simply too many to choose from.
It would have been wonderful if they sold the ribbon by the metre, but as it's for suppliers, you have to buy a roll of about 25m of anything. I ended up getting 70m (gah!) of beautiful grey French wrapping paper, which I plan to accessorise with ribbon and other decorations. Swoon.


  1. Just the other week, Rove featured a story of a ridiculously rich woman selling up her house (ok, perhaps she wasn't so rich no more). The point being, the house had a GIFT WRAPPING ROOM!! The Pom scoffed, while I said "OMG that would be Kate's idea of heaven!"

  2. I scoff, too, but I also swoon! xxx


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