Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Philately is Fun*

I am very excited about these new stamps from Australia Post. I'm often a bit embarrassed that our stamps aren't as interesting as those from other countries. But here the colours, the theme and the design are making me very happy. I am off to buy lots of the first two to use for months!

*"Philately is fun, Josh" - Donna Moss
The West Wing, Season Two, episode 9 'Gallileo'.

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  1. These stamps are just fantastic - I recently had to use up a stash of stamps that I had wanted to keep because they had great images of design classics like the barcelona chair, mini car and red post box on them. Thought I would replace and now they've finished and I haven't got any...

    My friend Natalie found some amazing stamps in our local flea market the other day that look so contemporary I couldn't believe they were vintage! Her post is here if you'd like to see them:

    Finally...I gave you a blog award for being so lovely and inspiring. You can find it here:

    x x x


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