Thursday, August 7, 2008

When Monsters Meet Design

Image via Top 3 by Design

I love a good monster, as you've probably figured out by now. And love to see them incorporated into design quite creatively. I adored these plastic plates by Jacquie Shapiro for French Bull.

And how about these monster plates - the complete set includes, (in tiiiiiny frames!) left to right, Frankenstein, Freddy, Jack the Ripper, Nosferatu, Quasimodo and Frankenstein's Bride.

Image via Design for Use


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  2. Coolest plates ever! Now do you need to have kids to justify buying some, or can adults eat of plastic monster plates too?

  3. Thanks Ali! I've never needed kids to justify buying the many things I own which could be considered childish! Let's face it, just because it has bright colours, doesn't mean the adults have to miss out :)


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