Friday, August 29, 2008

Organising Bug

A great use of Ikea's Expedit shelf from Flickr.

I love to organise. And then to re-organise, to re-stack, to re-fold, and to re-categorise.

It reminds me from that scene in Amelie, where the narrator says, "Amelie's mother liked to take everything out of her handbag, clean it out, and then put everything back inside it again. Amelie's father used to like to take everything out of his toolbox, clean it out and put everything inside it again". That really resonated with me - it's not that these types of acts are chores, but rather they seem quite meditative and calming.

There are pleasures (for some!) in conceptualising order and then enacting it within their home. In fact, I long for the day when I can build custom cabinets and shelves to fully perform organisation, as it were. This may, ahem, be a thinly disguised reaction to having no control over my study environment right now, but I'm no psychologist...

In the meantime, have a look at these deliciously organised spaces:
This kitchen is from the home of Chez Larsson - my soul-mate. She loves Ikea and organising things - I think we'd be good friends.

These are also from Chez Larsson - a craft space, and...
...a work hub. Swoon.


  1. Perhaps you're really Swedish, like Chez?!

    I wish I were organised enough to be that organised.

  2. I have long suspected that I might have some recessive Swedish ancestry. I have a pure love for Ikea and early 1990s Roxette (and obviously, cliched stereotypes of other countries) so I well may up shop and move to Stockholm!

  3. No wonder you and The Pal are meant to be! Surely you know about our torturous Roxette experiences growing up. I think Dad actually wore the Greatest Hits CD out!


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